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News 2016

Better employment opportunities for potential users of RHP in Berane

On the 20th April 2016 at the company D.O.O. Express Bau – Berane, which is situated in the industrial zone Rudeš, we visited the interns Dobrila Latinović i Stana Dofek, hired through the program of paid internship.

They have been working for 4 months now in the recently established company for manufacturing furniture. This job opportunity is part of the project “Better employment opportunities for potential users of RHP in Berane”, which is realized by Help and financed by the US Department of State – through the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

After the war in Bosnia in the 90s and coming to Montenegro, Berane, Dobrila and Stana had the refugee status until 2011 and 2013, when they received the Montenegrin citizenship. However their financial situation was not improved by gaining the citizenship, they were still living in the refugee settlement Rudeš. Beside the many years of experience as the mechanical technicians, they could not find the job in their field of work in Montenegro. In order to support their families they did not get the chance to choose jobs. They worked on the hardest jobs, as the most of the refugees/DPs do.

Today they are satisfied with the working conditions in the field of work that is similar to their. They pointed out that this job means a lot to them because they can improve their skills and provide better life for themselves. The team work is suitable for them, because as they say, their results can stand out when working as a team.

Dobrila and Stana are working on sewing and tailoring, of textile mostly and in that way give contribution to the manufacturing process in this company.

They are hired for the first time in this kind of project, and they receive regularly payments, what motivates them to work. They are hoping for more projects like this and would gladly participate again.

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